Technology R & D

Excellent products start from design. Goodwill USES advanced Solid Works design software and finite element (MSC) analysis software to design materials and structures of products according to customer requirements and develop products synchronously with customers.

"If a worker wants to be good at his job, he must first sharpen his tools". Regardless of the choice of production equipment or the design and manufacture of mold, goodwill adopts the top equipment and mold manufacturers in the industry. The company invested in the establishment of mold processing center in suzhou, and at the same time cooperated with domestic material research institute and large and medium-sized universities to develop material formula synchronously.

Introduction to mold flow analysis

Increase the added value of your products

  • Problem detection in advance

 •    Filling pressure    

 • Mode flow direction detection

  • Cooling

  • Deformation

  • Dent

  • Gate location

  • Air pockets

Introduction to mold flow analysis(1)

Autodesk Moldflow simulation software has injection molding simulation tools that help you validate and optimize plastic parts, injection molds and injection molding processes. The software can provide guidance for designers, mold makers and engineers to demonstrate how changes in wall thickness, gate location, material and geometry affect manufacturability through simulation Settings and results. From thin-walled parts to thick-walled, rugged parts, Autodesk Moldflow's geometric support helps users experiment with assumptions before making final design decisions.